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  • 5-17kg / 11-38lb load capacity
  • stabilizes y-axis movement
  • Weight of rig around 8kg
  • Adjustable line and spring tension for different configurations
  • Lockable camera hook
  • Vest is made of breathable material and comes with double padded hip belt and extra velcro closure

Easyrig Vario 5 Standard EASYLOCK Gimbal Rig Vest with STABIL G3 Arm, EA033-Q &

  • Easyrig Vario 5 Standard EASYLOCK Gimbal Rig Vest with STABIL G3 arm, EA033-Q (Quick Release Camera Mount) & EA033-WB (Camera Hook with Ball Stud Mounted).

    Easyrig Vario5 with standard Vest is compatible for cameras in the weight range min. 5 kg up to 17 kg. This version comes with the STABIL G3 Arm which integrates a stabilization systems to stabilize y-axis movement caused by walking. The Easyrig STABIL is incorporated into the Easyrig system to make the weight distribution as even and ergonomic as possible.

    Adjustable weight range
    By adjusting the tension with the provided allen key, the Vario 5 can be tuned to match your exact camera setup ranging from 5-17 kg (11-38 lbs).

    Fits all cameras
    The Vario 5 can be attached to any camera as long as it has a camera handle due to our easy-to-use camera hook.

    Handmade in Sweden
    The Vario 5 is designed, built and assembled in Sweden. We utilize local suppliers, delivering high-quality components.

    Used by the best
    Ever since the release in 2015 the Vario 5 is undoubtedly the most popular Easyrig. It has been used in countless movies, TV-series and documentaries.

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